About Us

            The Medical Guide to Culture is brought to you by a single operating room registered nurse with a strong desire to seek out the best ways to care for his patients. By creating this app I hope to build an amazing resource for my fellow healthcare workers of all backgrounds and specialties. I am thankful for your purchase and know this app will improve your patient care.

            My name is Jeremy Morse and I live in Dallas, Texas in the United States. Things I enjoy outside my profession and family are cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, and generally being outdoors. Professionally, I have grown an overwhelming desire to communicate in the most effective ways possible with people I interact with both professionally and personally. It bothers me to feel like I have no idea what people need or want. This is probably why I did not specialize in infant care. This is also why I started writing my database for this culture guide. I wanted to learn exactly what the pertinent facts were for taking care of people from all over the world. This information I soon found out, is not very “google-able”. This data is also difficult to find as most lay-people do not understand the answers you are looking for. My data has been gathered through hours of personal interviews with countless healthcare workers from a variety of continents with lifetimes of experience.

            Culture is a topic of almost limitless possibilities and size. I understand this and want people that see missing information or that know more about a particular culture or region to please contact me through email so that this resource can grow into the best resource possible. I update this app with new research often and look forward to your feedback.

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