Good trivia resource.
Great app!
This app has a great start and great potential. Looking forward to the updates as the developer adds more countries.
Awesome medical app
This app is an incredible resource! Simple, easy to navigate, and gives you exactly what you need as a healthcare professional! I wish I had this when I was in school.
Easy to navigate, great info so you don't step on a toe when greeting and interacting with other cultures
In depth & easy!
As an Emergency Room Nurse I come across a huge variety of cultures with a huge variety of medical issues. I'll be a better nurse thanks to the information this app gives me! Thank you!!
Thanks for this very helpful when you travel also kinda know what to look out for .
App shows very good content about other's culture
by VincentBoss

Being an Indian, I even not aware about many belief and content shows deep study and years of careful compilation. Must have app to connect with your patient and better care. - Dave
Easy to use
Love this app, so easy to use on the go and the information is very helpful!
Great App!
Easy to use and very informative. Well with downloading! Thank You!!
Great app very informative, perfect for people in the medical profession, thanks for making this app
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